Mac (ex_sleepwalk139) wrote in penonefiveclub,

| the axe effect explained |

There's some commercials for this body spray shit, and it's called AXE. And like a guy get's on an elevator, sprays this shit on, then walks out. Some other guy walks in and apparently he has some on too or something.
Anyways, this hot chick (or she's supposed to be) walks into the elevator and is like making all these retarded semi-sexual gestures towards him, and then it cuts to the elevator opening, both of their hair-do's are all messed up, and the girls adjusting her skirt. Presumably, they had MAJ0R S3X D00D!!!!!!! The guy stays on the elevator, girl gets off, and then it shows a biker dude leaning on the open elevator door. Slightly homosexual, no? And on the screen appears a can of this deodorant shit, and the words "The AXE effect". Lame.
Anyways, in the linked video some cheerleader runs after a football player that just ran for a TD, starts tearing his gear off, and like trying to do him and stuff. Forgetting that the dumbass not only has tons of pads on, but also a cup. The magical protector of the hoo-hoo dilly (yes, that's the scientific name)... so she'd probably have no luck anyways. But no chubby biker in leather, this time.
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